Austrian producer Stereotyp has offered as a free download his remix of an Al-Hace riddim featuring living legend, Horace Andy. Stream the track below and experience the track which is punctuated by magnified, heavyweight kick drums and ruff, hollow bass tones.

Vanese Smith, also known as Pursuit Grooves, whose acclaimed EP, “Fox Trot Mannerisms,” and album “Frantically Hopeful,” were released by Pinch’s Tectonic Recordings, has announced a new project, called “91 Fellows,” which focuses on amtospheric and cinematic compositions. In July, Oakland, California-based record label, Deepblak, will release material by Smith under her new alias, which is a dedication to her late grandfather.

In an article written by Mike Shallcross that originally appeared in the July, 1997 issue of Wire magazine, Juan Atkins was quoted as having said that,”‘The average person now understands the technology behind Techno music, so it comes down to who has the best ideas. It’s getting back to emotion.'” Pursuit Grooves draws heavily on the rich tradition of Black music and although she doesn’t make techno per se, that she is a talented African-American musician and producer creating emotional, idea-rich electronic music who will be releasing material as 91 Fellows on Deepblak Recordings, is an exciting prospect. If the thirty minute set that Smith recorded for website A Colourful Storm is any indication, the music of 91 Fellows will be characterized by rich, loop-based field-recordings and lush synthesizers.

Deepblak Recordings on Facebook

Hot on the heals of a string of successful releases on label Lucky Me, as well as official and bootleg remixes for the likes of Radiohead and Kelly Rowland, Montreal-based producer, Jacques Greene, joins the ranks of 3024, the record label founded by Erosie and Martyn. The Dutch label, named after a Rotterdam zip code, is home to some of the most forward-thinking producers of electronic dance music, including the label boss himself, Jon Convex of Instra:mental, and Addison Groove, otherwise known as Headhunter. The forthcoming “Ready EP,” out July 16, is full of beautiful synthesizer arpeggios, woodblock percussion, 4×4 house rhythm structures, swung garage syncopation, and dreamy samples of R’n’b vocals. Both the vinyl and digital release feature beautiful artwork from Erosie, and the digital includes a bonus third track, “Dakou.” Preview Jacques Greene, “Ready EP,” below.

We have here what is perhaps the most worthy remix of Gotye’s hit, “Somebody That I Used to Know.” A rewarding listen produced by Buenos Aires to Amsterdam transplant, Makina, the “Beach Cumbia Edit” appears on “Gringas,” a free EP released last month. Reprogrammed in a cumbia style with an emphasis on flute melody, hand percussion, and rhythm guitar, Makina employs Gotye’s bittersweet lyrics by cutting them up and setting them in the background as rhythmic echoes as well as langourously stretched out select verses between drum rolls and crescendos of synthesizer noise. An addictive and effective remix without feeling trite or compulsory, this remix is a win, and a free win at that. Preview it below.

To download Makina – Gringas EP, visit Makina’s Bandcamp site here..

“Modeselektor proudly presents Modeselektion Vol. 02,” the forthcoming compilation on Monkeytown Records, will feature a line-up of some of the most acclaimed electronic music producers of the last 20 years (read: Clark, Mouse On Mars, Prefuse 73, Carsten Nicolai, and Byetone), plus several of the most talented and in-vogue artists who have come from all ends of the hip hop and global electronic bass music continuum (Martyn, Bambounou, Lazer Sword, Anstam).

With the forthcoming collection, Monkeytown label bosses, Modeselektor, also known as Sebastian Szary and Gernot Bronsert, have curated tracks that bear the torch of their powerful vision of experimental, energetic, meaningful, and fun electronic music. For example, Carsten Nicolai and Byetone of influential experimental electronic music record label, Raster-noton, have contributed a track to the compilation under the guise of Diamond Version, a project of rhythm-based compositions steeped in a well-thought out ethos. Another exciting entry on Modeselektion vol. 02 is “Sudaka Invasor,” from Argentinian agents of psychedelic genre-bending party music, Frikstailers. Currently residing in Mexico City, the duo of Lisandro Sona and Rafael Caivano are responsible for a thoroughly humorous, danceable, compelling blend of tropical Latin music, hip hop, and electro. Watch and listen below.

(Modeselektor proudly presents Modeselektion vol. 02 will be released on CD and 3XLP on June 29. To preview it, click here. To purchase it, visit the Monkeytown Records website.)

<p><a href=”″>Frikstailers en vivo en Tele-Manias (Canal 10, Córdoba – Argentina)</a> from <a href=”″>Frikstailers</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Indomitable craftsmen of bass heavy dance music, Fracture and Neptune, are set to deliver part two of a VIP series of remixes on June 25 through their label, Astrophonica. This second installment features Fracture’s “Bad Habit (Om Unit VIP),” a hefty blend of juke and drum n bass. Kicks and snares churn out a half-time tempo while notch filters sweep through a rugged bass line that stalks ominously through the track, accented by frenzied shakers and bleeps. The direction taken by producers like Machinedrum, Om Unit, and Fracture in their explorations of the grey area between juke and drum n bass is proving to be fertile ground as evidenced by high-caliber releases like Astrophonica’s VIP series. Each of the three-part series is limited to a run of 300 10″ vinyl cased in a screen-printed sleeve and is also available digitally.

Pre-order Fracture – Bad Habit (Om Unit VIP)

Dave Huismans, also known as 2562, has given A Made Up Sound, his more techno-leaning productions, a fresh breath of life as of late on Clone Records and, most currently, Modeselektor’s label, 50 Weapons. “Malfunctions,” which will be released by 50 Weapons on July 6, is a strong contribution from a man who has been responsible for consistently setting the standards ever higher for the sounds of dubstep, techno, and the grey area in between. Imbued with a theme concerning the pains of machinery attempting to function and straining to do so, the two-track release features “Malfunction (Adjust),” a four : four techno rhythm accompanied by dizzying, discordant synthesizers while “Malfunction (Despair),” is a beautiful, dreamy, syncopated garage shuffle and robot’s lament.

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In lieu of having enough time to consider what opinion I might want to share with you or develop some kind of editorial narrative to offer and execute, I’m passing on this sweet morsel of joy: Various have uploaded two new songs on their Soundcloud profile. “Happening” is deadly soulful delirium, and “The Sea” feverish half step rhythms complimented with swirling atmospherics, churning, robo-bass growls, and evocative blues and folk-infused vocals. It’s exciting to know that one of the greatest acts to spring from the grime/dubstep continuum are not only prolific, but stays active. The world is a better place for having in it artists like Various.

Head over to Various’ Soundcloud for the previews.

On tour to promote his new album on Rwina Records, “Metahuman,”Eprom will swing through San Francisco for a performance at Yoshi’s SF with Salva and legendary Digital Mystikz member, Mala. “Regis Chillbin,” Eprom’s latest single is enjoying great success having undergone a remix treatment from Sepalcure’s Travis Stewart, also known as Machinedrum. The remix features prominently on Azealia Banks’ forthcoming mixtape, “Fantasea.”

Tickets for Eprom CD Release with Salva, Mala, and DJ Dials